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westword has an interview. [and prostitute ads]
Check this shit out.

And you are...?
Ryan Eason, Black Black Ocean.


How long has your act been together?
Two years.

What are some of your noteworthy recent feats?
Action Driver Records is putting out our new full-length, Eaglemaniac; CD-release show and mega raging party on July 9 at Rock Island.

Recent recordings of note?

What's the biggest crowd you've ever played for?
Sold-out show at the Ogden, opening for someone -- however many people that was.

Favorite places to play?
Lemp Arts in St. Louis; Modified in Phoenix.

Why music?
Well, we can't all be bodybuilders.

If not music, what else?

What band names were left on the cutting-room floor in favor of your current one?
Lucifist, Seawolf!, Endangered Feces, Blood Face Knife Wound and Kitty Hearts.

Funniest/strangest gig story -- local?
I had just returned from an interpretive-dance pilgrimage to Rio on a chilly Friday last November. Stephen had just returned from running smack to Berlin. We were both pretty wrecked. We had a show booked at a very secret warehouse that night. Jared and Quintin showed up very obviously on a higher plane of awareness, and when we all arrived at said warehouse, it was empty except for a very old man. He told us that we were the chosen, and then he felt our clothes and told us that they were odd. We then played some songs for him, and he laughed loudly and smoked copious amounts of high-grade opium.

Funniest/weirdest gig story -- on tour?
Toledo, early 2003. Jared and myself had far too many vodka gimlets, and we decided it was high time to get buck naked. Apparently, so I learned later, Ohio has laws against standing on top of parked cars with your unspeakables on display. As soon as we saw the police coming, we both bolted naked through the streets. The bartender from the venue saved Jared, letting him slip into the back room. I ended up taking shelter in the car of a stranger. I borrowed her phone and got picked up thirty minutes later, during which time we made out. You: red Cavalier, Journey T-shirt, Young MC tape. Me: naked, drunk, confused. Maybe we could click?

Worst gig?
Are there bad gigs, or just bad words?

What do you love about the local scene?
Hot girls!

What bugs you about the local scene?
Hot girls.

What's the biggest misconception about your band/act?
The biggest misconception about us would be that we write our own songs. Most people think that we do, but it's simply not true. We have a writer, a bigwig, some dude in L.A. named T that speaks nine languages, all dead. I've never met him.

Any random facts we should know?
Stephen can count to ten in Swahili. Jared can do a backflip off of a standard curb. Quintin won the Colorado state spelling bee when he was thirteen. Ryan can hold his breath for three minutes and thirty seconds.

Avalanche or Broncos?

Parting shot/final comments?
Eaglemaniac release show and mega raging party on July 9 at Rock Island. Coloring contest, eagle costume contest, party favors, funny hats!
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